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How to download pdf and video to ipad, iphone, iOS devices?

iOS Devices – iPad, iPhone

The ‘app’ way to download videos and PDF files

iPads and iPhones, are great, but they are NOT computers.  One of the biggest things they lack is a file/download management system.  Luckily, the app market has come to the rescue.

There are plenty of ‘download managers’ or ‘video download’ apps (both free and paid), but one of the highest rated is called:  idownloader.  I would start with that, and it will help make your ipad/iphone act a LOT more like a computer.  idownloader will work for videos, PDF files, and MUCH more.

That is not the only app you can use, just one we have used and recommend.  There are plenty of free and paid options in the app store, so try them out and see what works best for you.

To use idownloader

Hold your finger on the video link, and then a window will open up.  Select ‘copy’.

Then open the idownloader app, and go into the browser tab (tabs across the bottom), and paste that link.  Once you paste it, a window opens up.  Select ‘Download’ to download the file.

It will show the filename and you need to select the ‘save to folder’.  Select the folder or create a new folder to put it in.

Do that for each video link.


The ‘app-free’ way for PDF files using iBooks.

To download files on an ipad or iphone, you need to be aware that they do not handle files like a computer does.  They will use the Safari browser to download the file.  Continue reading to learn how to move it to iBooks so you can access it anytime.  If you don’t move it to iBooks, you will lose the file when you close the browser window.

download new tab

Hold your finger on the ‘download’ link until this window pops up. Then select ‘Open In New Tab’.

Whether you get an email with a download link, or you login to a site where you download your files, the steps are the same.

You need to HOLD your finger on the download link.  After a few seconds a window will pop up and you will want t

o select ‘OPEN IN NEW TAB’.  Touch that, and then look at the new tab that opens up (new tabs open from left to right).

Click on the new tab, and be patient while your file downloads, and then opens in Safari.  You can view your file here, but if you want to save it so that you can access it anytime, you will need to move the file from Safari to iBooks.

iBooks comes installed on a lot of devices, or it is a FREE download from the app store.

To move an item from Safari to iBooks, just touch the top-right part of the screen (where it would say ‘Open in iBooks’), and the menu will appear.

calendar iphone

If you don’t see ‘Open in iBooks’, touch the top of the screen where ‘Open in iBooks’ should be, then it will appear.

ibooks screenshot

Example of the iBooks shelf.

Touch ‘open in iBooks’ and then the PDF will open in iBooks where you can access it ANYTIME.

If you follow these steps, you should have no problem downloading the PDF files to your phone or iPad.

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