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I didn't receive my Workout Calendar - why?

There are lots of reasons you might not have received it. 

-  The most common reason is not checking your junk/spam box and 'Promotions' box in Gmail.  That is probably the single biggest thing you can do.

-  Make sure you entered it in properly.  There is a spot on the confirmation page that shows the email you entered.

-  If you signed up for it on an earlier month, you automatically get the new calendar, so you can't sign up again. NEW calendars go out between 12 and 2am on the 26th of the month. 

- Lastly, email is NOT an exact science by any means and in some occasions, the email never gets delivered. 

Over 90% of the email issues we see are with hotmail and yahoo accounts.  They were 2 of the original webmail providers, which also means they were very popular with SPAMMERS and a LOT of spam has been sent and received from those emails, so they do not have the best deliverability, especially for things with download links and logins.  Lots of emails with download links get caught in their filters and never delivered.  

I had a hotmail account for 12 years and a yahoo one for 10, but after switching to gmail, things have been MUCH better. Totally up to you, but I would look at getting a gmail address even if just to use for things like this.  You might find you actually like it better (I know I did).

As a last resort, you can create a support ticket and somebody will help you. 


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