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First off, we take all order/billing issues seriously and we WILL help you.  All we ask is to have a little patience and help get us the info we need so we can help you.  Natalie has well over 1 million followers with lots of questions, just know that billing and order issues are a TOP priority.   

PLEASE give us a chance to make things right before filing chargebacks and PayPal complaints.  Often times it is something simple that we can fix, we just need to know there is an issue. 

Along those lines, technology isn't perfect.  There are lots of moving pieces and things have to happen.  On rare occasions, there are glitches, but we get them fixed.  So if there is a 'duplicate purchase' or other issue, it will be taken care of.

You can continue to search for your specific issue, but I wanted to be up front and let you know that we take ALL billing/order issues seriously and strive to get them resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. 

If you have a specific order/billing question, you can search for that to find a specific solution. 

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