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Will I receive my product in the mail?

Pretty much all programs are delivered to you digitally...either as a download or a login/password to a membership site. 

You will receive an email with access details to the program(s) you have purchased.

Email is NOT an exact science, so to increase the odds the email with your product info lands in your inbox:

  1. Add:  support (at)  to your address book
  2. Follow these short email instructions:
  3. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM BOX - and your PROMOTIONS box in gmail.
  4. When you see a link to 'Confirm your email', be sure to click it.

NOTE:  We get a lot of people that order with an 'old' email, or one they no longer have access to.  Not to mention a lot of people mistype their email as we see a lot of 'yahoo.con' and '' type emails come through.  If you think you mistyped your email, or used one you no longer have access to, please contact us through this site.


Currently we do NOT ship any physical products.  This helps us to keep our costs down for you the end user :)  The exception to this is if you ordered any of the 4 hard copy DVDs.  These are physical products handled by a distributor, not by us.   

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