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I ordered a program, when will I receive my program?

In most cases you will receive an email to download/login to your program in a matter of minutes.  Often times it is almost immediate, but email is not an exact science, so give it a few minutes and make sure you check your junk/spam/promotions box.

Ordering process works in the following way.

  1. Place order
  2. Our payment processor (PayPal or will quickly review your order (for fraud protection).
  3. After order is processed by our payment processor, we automatically send you a confirmation email and you will be sent your download information, or an account with a login/pw will be created for you (this can take 5-10 minutes sometimes, although it is often much sooner). 

**This is where you can help the delivery of your program.

Email is NOT an exact science.  The main email providers are always trying to minimize spam, and often times they catch emails that you DO want - like download links, and login/passwords.

  1.  Be SURE to check the email address that you ordered with.  People order with ‘old’ emails, family member emails, or they mistype their own emails.
  2. Check your junk/spam box...and Promotions box in Gmail
  3. Add:  support @  to your address book/safe list
  4. Follow these short email instructions:
  5. When you get an email, or see a link to 'Confirm your email address', click it!


If you didn't receive the download email, it could be for several reasons.

  1.  Make sure you check the email associated with your PayPal account, or that you ordered with.
  1.  Be sure to check your junk/spam box for the download email, and the promotions box in Gmail.

From what we have seen, Yahoo, Hotmail, and msn/live/aol emails are some of the worst offenders at sending download/login emails to junk/spam, or even blocking all together.  

If that happens and you still don't have an email, create a support ticket through this site, and we can resend your download links and make sure you get your login info.

When you contact support, be sure to give the name and email you ordered with, as long as the program(s) you ordered.  If you could have ordered with several emails, let us know those as well as they really help with searching for your order.

If you have a receipt or other info, send that as well.  Just makes it easier for support to help you.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response (even though it is often handled much sooner).  If you still don't receive a response, contact support again or look to check the status of your ticket (there are many times when support emails bounce back to us because an incorrect email was entered when contacting support)

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